Siukonda serves only global 3D shoes manufacturing enterprise


                  Zhong shan chen yuan textile technology co., ltd new factory is located in san xiang town zhong shan city. The new factory is invested 21 million Yuan and covers 53333.1 square meters. Its construction area is 5000 sqm. It is one of key projects in zhong shan city. Zhong shan chen yuan textile technology co., ltd mainly manufacture all kinds of knitting textile products such as hats, scarves and shoes. So far it is only one 3 dimension shoes company. The government in zhong shan city attaches great importance to this company and it favors several foreign brand.



           It is well known that textile factories are energy-intensive industries. The power consumption of air conditioning system takes 15%-25% electricity usage of whole factory. Considering high power and high energy consumption, users always have a high strict on selecting energy conservation and environment protection air conditioning units. Siukonda has been working on energy conservation and environmental protection solutions for more than two decades and has made some achievements. Therefore Zhong shan chen yuan textile technology co., ltd is in favor of our products. It is powerful evidence of energy conservation and environmental protection solutions. Siukonda provides efficient air treatment equipment for this project and the total amount reaches one million.



         Equipment we provided can keep the temperature and humidity at the required range. And it can control the flying and dust content within the allowable limit. At the same time it can be fully filled with fresh air which is benefit for worker’s health. Air conditioning system not only can lower energy consumption but also increase economic benefit. What is more it can protect environment and decrease atmospheric pollution