March on the north , siukonda the coal changes to the first bat


           It was reported www.hvacrhome.comon 2017/5/2 that guangdong siukonda air conditioning co.,ltd have entered the changping district coal to clean resource bidding finalist . Siukonda was one of the few shortlisted enterprises. It was worthy to mention that it was first incredible victory since our company decided to enter low temperature heating market. At the meantime it marked that siukonda entered this new market in full swing.


           It was known that the biding project was involved 5 towns totally 41 villages and need to purchase 18480 sets of low temperature air cooled heat pump equipments. In order to make sure the project proceed smoothly, the party A has conducted a strict inspection in all bidding enterprise. Finally party A was satisfied with our company product design, manufacturing, transportation, loading and unloading, installation, product protection, testing, acceptance, guarantee, training and after-sales service. Then we succeed to enter the finalist.

         We always take it as our own duty to advance clean energy as an alternative. For low temperature markets our will adopt EVI(enhanced vapor injection) compressor, inner grooved copper tube ,high efficient tank type heating exchanger and plate economizer. Our low temperature items can start in low-temperature water and can be efficiently heated in low temperature. It fully meets the demand of coal to electric user.

         The first victory is the affirmation of our low temperature products and predicts our company could gain more in northern “coal to electric” project.