Siukonda escorts the project of Thailand 150MW power plant


        Recently, Guangdong Siukonda Air Conditioning stand out from many competitors and successfully hand in Thailand 150MW power plant project with the central air conditioning of excellent quality and perfect service. Siukonda provides security and reliable explosion-proof air conditioner unit for this project.


       As everyone knows, there are a large number of explosive gas, oil and dust explosion and other dangerous goods when the power plant in operation, in case of fire, it can easily cause an explosion. Once the explosion occurred, it's hard to extinguish a fire, seriously endangering people's life and property safety. In order to prevent this situation from happening, the power plants take preventive measures currently, in the early days began to focus on fire prevention and explosion prevention, and actively seek various explosion-proof measures.


           Siukonda has more than 20 years of research and development, production experience in the field of special air conditioning explosion on production experience, in the structure of flameproof and intrinsically safe type, pouring type composite explosion-proof technology, the unit does not produce any spark in the process of operation. Especially suitable for power plants, oil refineries, coal plants, gunpowder and other inflammable and explosive base the explosion-proof, very strict requirements of industrial sites. In addition, it was awarded the national explosion-proof electrical product quality supervision and Inspection Center issued a "certificate of proof", the product is more reliable.




           The successful order of Thailand's 150MW power plant is undoubtedly recognition of the Siukonda central air-conditioning. In the future, Guangdong Siukonda Air Conditioning Co.,ltd will continue to adhere to the market strategy concept of "scientific and technological innovation, customer satisfaction", and create better products. Siukonda is committed to be a higher customer satisfaction of the boutique Enterprises.